Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Different Story

(BNI-BAN Speech, July 28, 2010)The speech began with a reading of my BNI Bio: Family Info: A. Spouse: 1) Captain America 2)The Green Hornet 3) Superman. B. Children: Boy Wonder and Supergirl. C. Animals: Elsa the Lion, Underdog; Bonker the Wise One. Hobbies: Sharpening the saw; writing poetry; painting/drawing. Activities of Interest: Reading, Hypnotherapy; Hypnosis; Continuing Education. City of Residence: Los Angeles/Van Nuys; New Zealand. How Long? All of my life for some of these. My Burning Desire is to...Transesse the World. Something no one knows about me: I have a Victor Borge mind. My key to success: Loving what I do and always being open to learn new things.

The Navajo story tellers begin each story with the words, “It is said...” It is said that I was born a poor white child in a ‘burb of L.A.

Apparently, my hair made a big impression on the obstetric nurse because, when she brought me into my mother (a brunette with brown eyes), the nurse remarked, “You must’ve stayed up all night bleaching her hair!”

Mom grew up during the Great Depression and instilled in me and my 3 sisters many values especially about money.

You could guess at those values and that’s what you’ll have to do, because, as you can tell from my bio, I’m telling a new story.

T. Harv Eker, the Peak Potentials Training coach wrote, “If you think you’re worthy, you are. If you think you’re not worthy, you’re not worthy. Either way you live into the story you tell. So tell a different, more supportive story and live into that.”

And that is what I’m doing! Not the flight of fancy story of my bio, but one wherein I am the master of my ship.

That began with the realization that there is no separation between the mind/body biosuit we wear and the spirit or higher self. Look at the Mobius. A strip of paper on one side is written Mind and on the other is the word Spirit. When the strip is made into a circle with one twist and taped together, one can see the lack of separation. If one places the tip of a pencil or pen onto the word Mind and then pull the strip underneath the pencil tip, before long, one will come upon the word Spirit. Continuing to pull, one will return to the word Mind without ever lifting the pencil/pen.

Hypnotherapy is one perfect, quick and gentle way of supporting this understanding and of helping people achieve joy, peace, wealth and success. Success has nothing to do with what other people think it is. Success is merely accomplishing a goal or a dream. My goal this morning was to shower, dress and arrive at Marie Calendars by 11:30. I succeeded. My other goal today is to give you all an experience. Whether or not you take in that experience is YOUR responsibility. So, here it is:

Push away a little, if you will, from the table. Uncross your legs, allow your eyes to close. Allow your hands to rest on your lap while you draw your attention to your breathing. Take in three, deep in the belly breathes. The 1st is for your body. Exhaling out any physical discomfort. The 2nd is for your mind and emotions. Exhaling out any tensions, worries or concerns. The 3rd is for your spirit or higher self. Exhaling out and negatives or unsuuportive beliefs.

Now, with your mouth closed, take the tip of your tongue and touch the roof of your mouth with it. This is an anchor telling your body to relax as it is relaxed now. Release it.

At this moment, you are not hypnotized, but you are in an alpha state and probably suggestible to a certain extent. I want you to imagine, visualize, picture or pretend that you have just won the biggest super lotto in history, one billion dollars. Imagine how that feels in your body, in your mind, bring in all of your senses: is there a taste? Is there a physical sensation on your skin (goose bumps)? What can you hear in your imagination? What or whom do you see? Is there a favorite aroma or scent?

Now, if you will open your eyes and take a blank piece of paper. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth for a moment and start writing down all of the things you would do with your new fortune. Write as many as you can. Give yourself 2 minutes.

Try to be specific: rather than “travel” Where will you travel? Rather than buy property, Where will you buy property? I can hook you up with an excellent real estate agent! Charities? Which ones? Begin.

If you were able to fill up the page, congratulations! If not, continue now and fill up the page.

This is only a small slice of what hypnotherapy can do for you, your family and for your friends. In conjunction with many business coaches who offer information and support like, T. Harv Eker and Fabienne Fredrickson, I recognize that your early conditioning (like mine) can affect your “bottom line.” Hypnotherapy can help you change that.

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