Saturday, November 28, 2015

Literary Visions?

By Karen Nelson

November 27, 2015

What u C is what you get

“They” so say

And what u C can keep you here

On solid ground around

The strangling vines

Or the confining lines

From where u mustn’t stray.

But close your eyes

And hear my grace

Above the raucus din

That only serves to

carry u here

through the grind

of empty space.


And feel the tug of sound

That grabs your heart

And steels your mind

Like the forged metal of a spine

Or hear the joy of beingness

That moves us from being less.

Knowing where u stand

Is just as important

As standing where you “no.”

And listening for the rain fall

Or the muffled silence, please,

Of snow on land and the

Winter, good-bye call of geese.

Be here now from where u r.

Listen closely to feel the mood.

Trust all the senses you have to use and

Keep in mind the cold-wet of snow

Differs from the wet-cold of rain

Mostly through sound and touch

The eyes don’t always reign.

The eyes can be tricked

(as much as we’d like to deny)

While the brain complies

With what u tell yourself u C

Listen, touch, smell or taste,

(If need be) to fully get

What u miss with just ur eyes 2 C.